About Us

Bluebonnet Antiques contains an eclectic collection of decorative antique and modern (20th century) objects. Included on this site you will find such things as silver, ceramics, jewelry, prints, fine art, collectibles, and many more.

The range of items varies as much by quality and price as it does by type. We think you will find things to fit the interests and pocketbooks of most collectors.

Keep in mind that the items are essentially all unique. They are not new production items. Most are in very fine condition. We have attempted to photograph accurately both the general appearance and any defects or damage. Also, we have tried to include any condition notes in the description of the items. If you have questions concerning condition of an item, contact us.

We hope that you enjoy browsing the site and find things you want to purchase. Come back often to see the new additions that will be appearing.